My First Book Giveaway!

16 11 2011

Ladies and gents!  Something exciting happened today.  I got a digital copy of Stephen King’s new title, 11/22/63.  I have not read the book myself, but I hear it’s great, with a 4.42/5 stars from Goodreads and a 4/5 from Amazon ratings.  This time travel novel sends a school teacher to stop the assassination (in the past, mind you) of JFK.  (You can read the official summary here.)

Want it?  Here’s how to get it: Read the rest of this entry »


Cairn Ifax — Sneak Peek

25 10 2011

Little by little, Cairn Ifax (aka Mr. Postapocalyptic Executioner) is coming together.  A few challenges are presenting themselves, but that’s part of the reason I do these projects!

Wanna see some of the bits come together?

Stay tuned for the full costume soon!

Robbie, I’m Hooome!

19 09 2011

Ouch!  Over a month since my last post.  Robbie is not happy with me.

Yes, well…moving on, I can say there’s been a good reason for my lack of posts, and it’s a darn good reason if I do say so myself.  Very soon, you’ll be privy to a–*ahem*–project long in the works.  Sadly I can’t say more right now, but look for a big announcement early this Fall!

And I’ll try to release some more sketches soon–on NOT-lined paper!  How’s that for ya!?

Peace out, and Happy Talk-Like-A-Pirate Day!

ARGH!  Thar’s tha sp’rit, Robort!

Finding the Heart

20 07 2011

‘Lo everyone!  If you keep up with my blog you’ve probably noticed the back and forth talk of my plans and schemes for future posts and features.  I won’t try to hide it, I don’t know exactly what I’m doing here.  I have many things I want to do, but what is it I need to do with this place?

Find the heart.  In trying to build my author platform, I’ve lost focus and gone all over the place with Wyvern’s Peak.  Just as we writers have to find our focus after a bout of writer’s block, I need to step back and remember what I started this blog for.

That said, I’ll try to keep from saying what I’m going to do for now, and instead I’ll just do what posts come to mind (or heart), if any at all.  Don’t expect a lot from me, I’m hard at work on two different series of books and hoping-praying-wishing-pushing for one of those books to be released later this year…which means lots of time spent writing, and less time on here.

However, I did promise a monster two weeks ago!  And I only got one vote, but that vote (from my Irish blooded dad!) won.  So here’s this week’s pencil sketched monster:  The drunken leprechaun! Read the rest of this entry »

Introducing, the T-45 Robot Troll

22 06 2011

Last week I shared a few of my raw sketch pages meant solely for creative exercise and stimulation, most of which I use under the umbrella title “Faces.”  (Say that five times fast.)  If you’ll notice, there was a robot troll in one of those pages.

It made me think…what if there was species–series, line?–of robot trolls.  What would they look like, and what would their functions be?  Who made them, and why?  How do the newer/older models differ, improve upon each other?

And thus, this model of T-bot was created…. the T-45 Robot Troll(And no, the T-[INSERT NUMBER HERE] does not have anything to do with Arnold Schwarzenegger.)

With recent rewrites (mwuhahaha!) I haven’t had time yet to delve into the idea any further, but it’s one I look forward to using in some fun project.

Hope you all have a great week!

“Don’t Piss With Kitsune,” and Messy Writing

8 06 2011

I would like you all to know, I’m not happy with WordPress right now.  After having spent the last half hour typing (and then hitting “Publish”) all of my post was erased.  The nerve!

Curse you, Evil WordPress Gremlins!!!

I really don’t want to type everything out again, but…

…let’s try this again…

(Who knows?  Maybe I’ll make more sense the second time around.) Read the rest of this entry »

Robbie, I’m home!

1 06 2011

So nice to take a break.  Thanks, Robbie.  I’ll take it from here!

Actually, I came back last Tuesday, but after finishing another level of manuscript editing on vacation (cannot WAIT to reveal this book!!!), I decided to take the rest of the week off.  For those of you looking for a sketch last Wednesday, sorry.  Hopefully the next few weeks will make up for it!

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