Cairn Ifax, The Executioner (Full Reveal!)

31 10 2011

I’m so excited about this one.  There are a couple of things I would’ve done differently, had I more time and energy, but all in all?


That pretty much Read the rest of this entry »


Fear the Reaper, Baby

31 10 2011

Cairn Ifax…In Graphic Pen.

30 10 2011

Guess what?  It’s finished.

But you don’t get to see it…yet!



My Brother as a Doctor Who Monster

26 10 2011

Nathaniel got a hold of some of my costume.  Remind anyone of anything?

Cairn Ifax — Sneak Peek

25 10 2011

Little by little, Cairn Ifax (aka Mr. Postapocalyptic Executioner) is coming together.  A few challenges are presenting themselves, but that’s part of the reason I do these projects!

Wanna see some of the bits come together?

Stay tuned for the full costume soon!

Post Apocalyptic Executioner

19 10 2011

One of my concept sketches for this year’s costume.  For those of you who don’t know me that well, I go all out on Halloween costumes.  Sadly, society does not accept me wearing more than one and wearing one more than once a year.

But I digress.

This is my (second) concept sketch for this year’s endeavor, the Post Apocalyptic Executioner.  You can’t see it, but he’s holding a chainsaw.  Post Apocalyptic, remember?  *Tee hee hee*

Questions on design welcome.  Enjoy!

This is Halloween, This is Halloween…

31 10 2010

…Pumpkins scream in the  dead of night!  This is Halloween, everyone make a scene, la la la, do dee da dee da…


My costume plans always change within the last month leading up to Halloween.  However, the last minute changes always unleash some creative juices and allow for some pretty darn cool costumes–if I do say so myself.  Here are some pieces of this year’s SpiderWraith costume.  I’ll be going and getting the last piece of the puzzle in a few minutes.

Piece one: Costume

Piece 2: Freaky Face


Add some red hair, a little Superman and…voila!