Four Days ‘Til Halloween! Walker and Talker.

27 10 2011

Today’s a double feature!  Meet Walker and Talker.

One talks the talk, the other walks the walk.

(Perhaps the one who only talks would walk more, if he could actually see?)


Five Days Til Halloween!

26 10 2011

Alright, so today I’m giving you a break from my creepier monsters for a dose of scary, furry cute.

This little dude was inspired by my grandfather’s dog named Bandit–and yes, the real one’s eyes are that big.

My Brother as a Doctor Who Monster

26 10 2011

Nathaniel got a hold of some of my costume.  Remind anyone of anything?

Cairn Ifax — Sneak Peek

25 10 2011

Little by little, Cairn Ifax (aka Mr. Postapocalyptic Executioner) is coming together.  A few challenges are presenting themselves, but that’s part of the reason I do these projects!

Wanna see some of the bits come together?

Stay tuned for the full costume soon!


25 10 2011

I’ve been told this little guy is cute….but don’t ask me why!  You can call him “Mouth.”  Should be easy to remember.

6 Days Til Halloween

24 10 2011

Just under a week left until Halloween, and another October has flown by!  This is by far my favorite time of year, but it all passes so darn quickly.

This week, I’d like to do a daily post of monsters in celebration of the scariest–and most fun–holiday of them all.

Let’s kick it off with, “The Beast!”

Post Apocalyptic Executioner

19 10 2011

One of my concept sketches for this year’s costume.  For those of you who don’t know me that well, I go all out on Halloween costumes.  Sadly, society does not accept me wearing more than one and wearing one more than once a year.

But I digress.

This is my (second) concept sketch for this year’s endeavor, the Post Apocalyptic Executioner.  You can’t see it, but he’s holding a chainsaw.  Post Apocalyptic, remember?  *Tee hee hee*

Questions on design welcome.  Enjoy!