Three Days ‘Til Halloween – Kerberus

28 10 2011

So I was looking through the monsters I’ve drawn recently and trying to decide what I should share next.  Maybe it’s a month old and on notebook paper–*GASP!*–however I felt I had to share this somewhat rough take on the Greek hellhound we all know and love.  My cousin asked me to draw him Cerberus, one of his favorite monsters from the Percy Jackson books.  I said sure, but only if I could put a little McGannon flare in there.

Which I did.

Ladies and gents, I give you, “KERBERUS“.





4 responses

28 10 2011

Brilliant 🙂

29 10 2011

Thanks! Glad someone likes it! 🙂

29 10 2011
Jacqui Murray

Creepy. I liked the furry cute monster from a few days ago, but I teach elementary school, so that probably explains my taste.

29 10 2011

Hey, Jacqui! What, you don’t like my three-headed-demon-hound-bird-snake-scorpion-creature-thing? It’s furry, too! 😉

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