Lizard Lips, or I’m Back!!

12 10 2011

Guess who?

Over the last few weeks, I’ve been on the road, which means no scanner, which means no new monster sketches.  Plus, I’m halfway through writing a book–and reading many more!–so no short stories.

But alas!  I have access to a scanner again!

In the past, many friends and visitors have asked why I use lined notebook paper for sketches.  Does it make it easier to draw on?  Do you dislike regular paper?  (What exactly is regular paper???)  Did your dog eat your sketchbooks!?

Truth be told, I just found the sketchbook bulky to carry around for a long time.  Notebooks were easier to carry around, plus I can write story notes down in them when the need arises.  Which is often.

Anyways, I’ve started using my sketchbooks again, to pretty darn good effect with some of the new texture techniques I’ve picked up since I went on my notebook spree.  Here’s one I whipped up Monday, a Wild Things inspired dude named Lizard Lips.  Enjoy!

ps.  What are you dressing up as for Halloween this year?  Or are you too cool to dress up anymore?  Keep an eye out for some concept sketches of mine own costume this year, which I’m hoping will be a real scream.  MWUAHAHAHA!!!

pps.  Did you know it’s Chocolate Week?  YOU DIDN’T!?!?!?!  Oh, you did?  From one chocolate lover to another (you do like chocolate, don’t you–DON’T YOU???) Happy Chocolate Week!!!




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