Finding the Heart

20 07 2011

‘Lo everyone!  If you keep up with my blog you’ve probably noticed the back and forth talk of my plans and schemes for future posts and features.  I won’t try to hide it, I don’t know exactly what I’m doing here.  I have many things I want to do, but what is it I need to do with this place?

Find the heart.  In trying to build my author platform, I’ve lost focus and gone all over the place with Wyvern’s Peak.  Just as we writers have to find our focus after a bout of writer’s block, I need to step back and remember what I started this blog for.

That said, I’ll try to keep from saying what I’m going to do for now, and instead I’ll just do what posts come to mind (or heart), if any at all.  Don’t expect a lot from me, I’m hard at work on two different series of books and hoping-praying-wishing-pushing for one of those books to be released later this year…which means lots of time spent writing, and less time on here.

However, I did promise a monster two weeks ago!  And I only got one vote, but that vote (from my Irish blooded dad!) won.  So here’s this week’s pencil sketched monster:  The drunken leprechaun!

Details on the clurichaun, like many of Europe’s fairy folk, differ depending on who you ask.  Some say that he’s a close cousin to the hardworking, shoe-making leprechaun.  Others believe he’s just another leprechaun from a different region.  And others still (myself included) believe that the clurichaun is just a leprechaun when the sun goes down.  Whatever his background, you can be sure that this fairy will always (ALWAYS) be drunk.  A true party-goer he enjoys a good drink and riding around on your household pets.

Funnily enough, the clurichaun is one of those fairies known for punishing fools and (get this) drunkards.  Respect him, and he’ll bring you good fortune in the form of good, strong drink.  Piss him off, and, well…just be sure to have an iron horseshoe with you.




4 responses

20 07 2011
Matthew D

Pump action shotgun works nicely too

20 07 2011

That’s another one of those debatable-by-region things. Although given how fairies came to hate iron (when man learned to make swords and fight wars), I’d say a shotgun (might) work!

21 07 2011

Man…I hope he doesn’t try to ride on Kaylee. She will just sit there and look at him! LOL Sorry I did not know there was a vote going on…must have missed that one.

21 07 2011

Ha! No, I can picture it perfectly. The look in her big eyes… “What is this short person doing on my back? Anyone?”

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