6 07 2011

For this week’s sketch, I give you…Piscus!  (What is it?  Stop asking that!  I hardly ever know.)

So–with a completely irrelevant conversation change–this is another short week post for me.  Sorry folks, but writing comes first.  Still, I’m gathering up research topics for my time in between writing projects, and I want to know what you think is more interesting:  An eight headed dragon, a drunk leprechaun, or a spine wielding headless horseman?

Send your thoughts of which is most interesting in by comment or email.  Or if there’s another monster that piques your interest, send that instead.  When it comes to crazy monsters, I aim to please.

Seeya folks next week, possibly Monday.





4 responses

6 07 2011

My vote is an eight headed drunken horseman.

6 07 2011

You know, I’ve never ever seen or heard of such a thing….but now I’m gonna have to make one! 🙂

6 07 2011

Drunk leprechaun!

6 07 2011

Nothing says Irish quite like a drunk leprechaun.

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