Monsters R Us

29 06 2011

So, not surprisingly, the most visited posts on my blog deal with…

*dramatic drumroll*



I love monsters.  And so, with this recent surge of monster-related searches leading to Wyvern’s Peak, I’m happy to say there will be a few more monster/folklore related posts (than usual), and perhaps a new weekly feature to add to the blog.

As I’m finishing up a new round of rewrites this week, I’ll just leave you with a monster of my own mind…”The Multi“.  Be sure to check in next week, but don’t stick around too long today, aye?

ps.  If you’ve always wanted to know something about an obscure or even popular monster from folklore, mythology, modern media, etc., feel free to leave comments or contact me.  I’d love to share what I know and would be more than willing to do some research on some new monsters, if I haven’t heard of them already.  Seeya next week!




2 responses

5 07 2011
Jacqui Murray

Wonderful drawings, Michael. My monsters tend toward the human variety–I’m a thriller writer. They look like yours on the inside, but oh so human on the outside.

5 07 2011

Thank you very much, Jacqui! I love the visuals you find throughout folklore, mythology, and now modern media, but nothing beats that chilling, inside look at the true monsters that walk the earth.
I’ve got a series in the works that’s devoted to both types, asking the question: What is a monster really, something biologically strange and different, or a man willing to do anything to get his way?
Again, thanks! I love your posts at Write Anything!

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