Introducing, the T-45 Robot Troll

22 06 2011

Last week I shared a few of my raw sketch pages meant solely for creative exercise and stimulation, most of which I use under the umbrella title “Faces.”  (Say that five times fast.)  If you’ll notice, there was a robot troll in one of those pages.

It made me think…what if there was species–series, line?–of robot trolls.  What would they look like, and what would their functions be?  Who made them, and why?  How do the newer/older models differ, improve upon each other?

And thus, this model of T-bot was created…. the T-45 Robot Troll(And no, the T-[INSERT NUMBER HERE] does not have anything to do with Arnold Schwarzenegger.)

With recent rewrites (mwuhahaha!) I haven’t had time yet to delve into the idea any further, but it’s one I look forward to using in some fun project.

Hope you all have a great week!




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