“Don’t Piss With Kitsune,” and Messy Writing

8 06 2011

I would like you all to know, I’m not happy with WordPress right now.  After having spent the last half hour typing (and then hitting “Publish”) all of my post was erased.  The nerve!

Curse you, Evil WordPress Gremlins!!!

I really don’t want to type everything out again, but…

…let’s try this again…

(Who knows?  Maybe I’ll make more sense the second time around.)

Greetings, all!  Recently, I’ve gone on a mad reading spree, consuming everything from the Hunger Games trilogy and (series favorites) The Ranger’s Apprentice and The Last Apprentice, to lesser known titles such as The Replacement and Hold Me Closer, Necromancer.  Also, a heckuva lot of short stories.

After having finished that last big book edit (my lips are sealed, my lips are sealed!!!), I was deciding on what project to take up next when I realized….I needed a mental break.  Also, I needed some creative food.  And so the mad reading spree began.

Do you know what I noticed?

I love messy characters.  The messier the main character, the more fun the story is.  Even in more serious toned books, such as The Last Apprentice, I enjoy watching Tom’s character become more and more entwined with the Dark forces he fights against.  He’s constantly got this guilty feeling about him, nowadays.  Eventually Tom’s internal conflict will have to come to a head, but Joseph Delaney is really milking the messiness of the character in the last few titles.

In another–perhaps more literal–realm of messy characters, I’m currently half way through Hold Me Closer, Necromancer.  Sam, the main character, is a college dropout, a burger flipper, and as he’s only recently discovered, a born necromancer.  The possibilities for messy, uncomfortable conflict rise in hordes.  (Get it, rise in hordes?  Like, zombies?  Like…oh nevermind.)

I’m close to deciding my next writing project, but whatever it turns out to be, I’ve realized just how much more I enjoy reading a book with messy characters–not just obvious conflict.  I don’t want every scene to feel a disorganized conglomeration, but the characters need to feel human, alive, flawed.

(Like the pissed off kitsune in the above pic.  Just trade out the “human” for “fox spirit,” alive, and flawed.)

Howabout you?  What are your favorite heroes/heroines, and why?  Is it because of their natural mess, their “fatal flaw”?

(Hopefully I remembered everything the second time around.  Just in case, I’m saving this to Word.)

Till next time, live well, write well!  And don’t piss with any kitsune.




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