Robbie, I’m home!

1 06 2011

So nice to take a break.  Thanks, Robbie.  I’ll take it from here!

Actually, I came back last Tuesday, but after finishing another level of manuscript editing on vacation (cannot WAIT to reveal this book!!!), I decided to take the rest of the week off.  For those of you looking for a sketch last Wednesday, sorry.  Hopefully the next few weeks will make up for it!

This week’s post was inspired by my cousin, Nicolas, who graced my notebook with a few drawings.  It was great seeing family last weekend, and far too much to cover in a blog post.  So I figured I’d simply share Nic’s sketches in place of my usual feature and celebrate the upcoming of a fellow artist!

The three pictures you see below are (as explained to me by Nicolas) the progressive stages of a kid becoming a superhero.  We were discussing the ways of making a comic strip (SOON!) when Nic took over the sketchbook and described his idea for the making of a superhero.

While he didn’t relate any specific story to go along with his character, he’s got the right idea.  Brilliant little dude.  Can’t wait to see what he comes up with in the future!




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