Site Updates

5 05 2011

Happy Sink of Mayo Day!  Honestly, I don’t get this holiday–I don’t even like mayo–but if you’re going to have a strange day, it might as well be a happy one.

Today’s post is boring.  Sorry.  If it’s any consolation, it is the exciting type of boring.

I bring tidings of two new site updates.  The first is that I’ll be posting sketches more frequently, as well as a few short stories–if I can ever finish editing them.  Either way, expect at lease to see pictorial monsters and character drawings more often.

Doodle Monster doesn't like mayo either.

Secondly, I’ve added a button to the menu.  If you look towards the right side, you’ll see it:  Off My Onion.  Off My Onion is my Tumblr blog, completely devoted to and celebrating interesting things, curiosities, and madness.  Because we all need a little madness to work with.

(Also!  Off My Onion is home to my Word of the Day feature, which you’ll have seen on my Twitter feed.  Check ever day at 10 am for a new, weird word to add to your vocabulary.)

Happy sink filling, folks!  Seeya.




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