“Steampunk Powrie”

27 04 2011

In this sketch, I brought together two of my favorite topics:  Irish folklore and the steampunk genre.

The powrie (also known as a red cap) is a goblin particularly known for its red hat, its pike or halberd, and its tendency to wear iron shoes.  This is remarkable because most goblins and faerie creatures are burnt at the touch of iron.  The powrie is a malicious creature, whose red hat must stay wet with blood (thus the red).  If the cap dries out, the goblin will die.

If you see any old, abandoned castles in the Old Country, don’t go in.  The powrie is said to live in the ruins, and pretty much attacks anyone it sees.  Oh, and it’s said they’re impossible outrun.  So just don’t go in!

This pic was part of a series of drawings, but this is probably my favorite of the bunch.  I had fun drawing the electrified steampunk halberd, complete with badly-taped-on battery pack.  Hope you enjoyed it too.




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