Yay for No Sleep!

5 03 2011

The title was sarcastic, if you can’t tell.

Short post today.  Just a thought.

When writing, consider limiting the amount of times you use the following phrase.  “And [it] seemed to [action].”

For example,

“And the dog seemed to do a little backflip, which was strange to Henry.”

It’s fine if you’re trying to convey a façade, or perhaps someone acting strange, mysterious.  But use it sparingly, more sparingly than adjectives.  Otherwise, I’ve noticed it has a tendency to bog down a person’s story.

“And the dog did a backflip, a strange thing in Henry’s mind.”

Direct action stands out.  Seeming to do a direct action slows down the reader and makes them tired of reading.

Sleep little.  Create daily.  Write well.

Peace out.




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