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2 03 2011

I recently finished reading Crush It–written by Wine Guy, Gary Vaynerchuk–and have just started to read Evil Plans–from cartoonist Hugh MacLeod.

Sorry, @DougMcGannon, I’m stealing your reading list.  Consider it a compliment.

Both books are great reads.  They’re informative, often humorous, and, most importantly in our day and age, they read easy.

What really struck me, though, is how similar they are.  Both books are focused on living the life you want to live–doing what you love to find success and happiness.  Both Vaynerchuk and MacLeod are heavy proponents of social media, and essentially tell you how to live out your passion using Twitter, Facebook, blogs, and a few other key social media staples to build your “personal brand.”  (A very important subject, by the way.)

The difference, then?  While both authors have frank and humorous personalities, Vaynerchuk seems to have a more “professional” approach to creating your brand.  Not a bad thing.  He loves business development–or biz dev, as he lovingly refers–and it shows throughout the book.  Still, as an artist and writer I had trouble relating to some of his more business minded approaches to living your life’s passion.

Hugh Macleod, on the other hand, is a ball of creative energy.  As a cartoonist, he’s just the thing for other creative minds, liberally sprinkling his cartoons, seemingly at random.  I haven’t finished the book yet, but already MacLeod’s Evil Plans seems to answer the blank spaces left by Crush It–although there were ony few blank spaces, I assure you.

Sound interested?  Wondering which book you should read?  Read both.

These are two important books by two people who have lived it–are still living it.  If you want to live your passion, read as much from the people who have done the same.  Crush It and Evil Plans are essentially the same, but they complement each other greatly, and if you missed anything in one book you’ll probably find it in the other.  And for those of you who–like me–think yourselves artists and writers, we do have to become business people as well, something we can learn from both authors.

Besides, you’ll like listening to their voices, and I think you’ll quickly buy into their personal brands.

For more of these two great thinkers, you can find Gary Vaynerchuk and Hugh MacLeodon Twitter.




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