3 Strange Writing Prompts

20 10 2010

Greetings, earthlings!  I was saving this post for the weekend, but I’ll be out around town today and so I’ve decided to post early.  This round of writing prompts includes murderous nudists, fear of ladybugs, and plumbing wara.  Enjoy!

Murder at a Nudist Retirement Community

Believe it  or not, this writing prompt comes from an true story.  But how it ends is a different matter.  You decide.

This prompt starts with a detective and his partner investigating a murder case.  The murder took place in a nudist community–full of retirees.

That’s all I can really say on that one.  With a straight face.

Have fun!

Et tu, Bug?

A man with coccinellidaephobia is trapped in a broken elevator with a ladybug.  Does he kill the bug, or is he too afraid?  Do they have a conversation, and how does his character–and hers, if you like to diss reality–change by the end of the story?


Two bored plumbers fight over the business of one man with a broken toilet.  Again, need I say more?

Feedback and Contest

Have fun with these, and please be sure to share your stories.  I’d particularly love to see the first two fleshed out a bit.  The best story (or best two, if I really, really like both) will be featured as writer of the month on my blog.  Consider this a practice round, too.  I’m planning on having a short story contest soon.  Keep an eye out, eh?




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